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From the bustling streets of Paris to the winding roads of the French Riviera, the name Alban Mayer resonates with a distinctive roar – much like a luxury car engine. A simple coffee meeting in the heart of Lyon and an unquenchable passion for automotive artistry gave birth to a grand idea.

As a kid, Alban Mayer was obsessed with cars – not just any cars, but the rare and exquisite ones. Those which many dream about but only a few ever get to touch. Growing older, he realized the market had a gap, a niche for private and off-market cars, for those elite clientele who desired exclusivity and luxury.

With a keen sense of business and an extensive network that spans the globe, he established Amcars France. However, it wasn’t just about selling cars. It was about a unique experience – getting that one-off Bugatti that wasn’t available in the showrooms or ensuring a luxurious Bentley reached a mansion in Tokyo.

Every car deal was more than a transaction. It was a tale of trust, passion, and unparalleled service. With worldwide deliveries and an exceptional network, Alban’s venture didn’t just stay confined to France. It became a global phenomenon.

From the day he began, his vision was clear: to bring the world’s finest automobiles to those who appreciate them, wherever they might be.

So, whenever you hear of a rare automobile changing hands discreetly or an exclusive car being delivered to an exotic location, you can bet it’s the handiwork of Mr. Alban Mayer and his brainchild, Amcars France. This isn’t just about cars; it’s about a dream, a journey, and an unmatched experience.


The love triangle of a road, a vehicle, and a driver remains an enigmatic sensation—until you’ve been at its center. Hands gripping the wheel, foot sensing the raw might of the engine, all while a melody plays, making you feel like the lead in your personal saga; is there anything more transcendent?

We honor art and adore the thrill. To us, cars and cuisine are the pinnacle of artistry because they engage us wholly and daily. Both a splendid vehicle and a gourmet meal can embark you on a sensory voyage unlike any other.

While our journey commenced with automobiles, our aspiration is to evolve this passion project into a diverse enterprise, eventually providing Paris with an unparalleled world-class experience. Our vision for Amcars France is not only as an auto sanctuary but as a hub that celebrates all forms of tangible artistry. While vehicles will eternally be the spotlight, we envision hosting our esteemed clients and art aficionados for monthly rendezvous, showcasing culinary masterpieces by famed chefs, displaying globally celebrated art, and cultivating a fraternity bound by a passion for art that can be seen, felt, tasted, heard, and touched.

Until that horizon, we remain the benchmark in luxury car experiences.

Stay tuned,

      – Alban Mayer


If you don’t get goosebumps when you hear the V12 of a Pagani Zonda R sing or touch its engine block, you’re very likely in the wrong place. Because we are addressing lovers and connoisseurs of remarkable automobiles. People who are passionate about captivating cars, whether as drivers, collectors, or both.

We seek out and find your dream cars “off-market”: supercars and hypercars, classic and young classics, unique models, order forms/buildslots. At the same time, we can procure exclusive cars suitable for daily use.

A collectible car can be an interesting addition to your portfolio in terms of returns and value stability. At the same time, classic cars also want to be driven, so it’s a good way to combine a useful investment with the pleasure of driving.

Whatever dream cars you are looking for, we will find them. Thanks to our excellent network, many doors open to us.

Our expertise covers the appeal of the most exclusive brands: Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, McLaren, Maybach, Pagani, Porsche, Rolls Royce, and many other exquisite flagship brands.

All supercars/hypercars are almost custom made often with long delivery times. Thanks to our network, you can have your dream car much faster.

We will provide you with professional and individual advice, leveraging our strength of expertise. It is quite possible that we may even know immediately if the model you are looking for is currently available or how long it would take to be delivered to you. If you wish for customizations, we will also handle them.

If you are an investor looking for stable alternatives to stocks, bonds, and commodities, or for an interesting addition to your real estate portfolio, you should consider investing in prestige automobiles.

Have you been offered a car and you are wondering if the vehicle history given to you is true, what condition the vehicle is in, and what its market value is? We will provide you with professional and independent advice, based on our experience, expertise, and contacts in the automotive trade.

We have the ability to procure almost any of your dream cars. Thanks to our excellent connections all over the world, we have been able to significantly reduce the long waiting periods often usual with exclusive car manufacturers.

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